Virgin Brazilian Or Peruvian Hair | Which Hair Quality Is Better

Virgin Brazilian Or Peruvian Hair | Which Hair Quality Is Better

Before you decide which types of hair you want to buy, you must have been done a research of each hair types to know the differences among them. Indeed, knowing the characteristics and all the advantages of hair type that you want to buy is very necessary. 

It makes your decision come out easier and make the buying process become simpler for you. With the Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair distinctions below, we hope that you can have a great time of choosing which one is suitable for you and your customers.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Virgin Hair is one of the most looked for types of hair all over the world. The hair is delicate, toughness and thickness. It comes from the Pacific of Brazil and it’s derived in different lengths and natural colors. Brazilian virgin hair is popular in most African countries. Brazilian virgin curly hair is also popular.

Virgin Brazilian hair are free from chemical products and it retains all the particles in the original healthy state, all the particles of the hair are guaranteed to be in the same direction.

The curls are beautiful and bring a glamorous amazing look to the person who wears it. Brazilian hair can hold curls beautifully and blend well with African American women. Brazilian hair weave has shiny looks and feels. It is known for the full body, gorgeous bounce and texture. The texture of Brazilian hair usually can be offered in wavy, straight and curly. The type of the hair can be kept for a longer time with a good maintenance.

Great Hair Ain’t Cheap & Cheap Hair Ain’t Great

Golden Goddess Hair

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair weave is getting the curiosity of many because it’s said to be one of the best types of hair weaves out there. Peruvian hair is shiny, soft and lightweight. Peruvian Hair Bundles- Average in thickness and density. Peruvian has the ability to blend with the majority of textures of hair. Peruvian hair is lightweight, but provides more volume and looks very natural for African-American women. Peruvian hair has become extremely popular especially among Black women.

One of the things that make Peruvian Hair Weave amazing is the fact that it actually feels like real hair, but since it’s virgin, you can be sure that it’s soft, smooth, and free from tangles. The best thing about Peruvian hair is that it provides a realistic look and feel once installed. However, with proper care and maintenance, it can last for years and multiple installs.

Peruvian hair is 100% unprocessed Peruvian virgin hair, can be colored, iron-flatted and curled. You can achieve a full hair installation with lesser bundles due to its natural thickness. Peruvian hair bundles comes available in various textured styles: Peruvian straight hair, Curly Peruvian hair, Peruvian wavy hair.

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